Mommy & Me Creative Movement & Ballet

Mommy & Me at Georgia Dance Conservatory, Marietta, GA

Turn on some music in a room full of two and just-turned-three-year-olds, and you’ll see how moving to the beat comes naturally to children.

Encouraging that love of music and dance, and spending quality time with Mom, is the philosophy behind Mommy & Me Creative Movement classes – ballet classes that incorporate creative movement for toddlers and exercise opportunities for moms.

Because little children love to move, Mommy & Me classes afford the unique opportunity to work with their natural movements and incorporate some of the initial elements of dance, to reinforce a lifelong appreciation for dance and fitness.

Best of all, no special attire is required. Maintaining comfort – right down to sock feet or bare feet, if the children prefer – allows them to experience all the joys of moving to the music without feeling constricted or distracted.

And while moms certainly move around to keep up with their toddlers throughout the day, the focused, fun environment of the Mommy & Me class allows them to interact with their little ones in a way that benefits their own fitness as well.

Offered on Mondays from 10 am to 10:45 am, Mommy & Me Creative Movement classes help build movement, coordination, balance, rhythm, stretching and dance skills that are the foundations for a lifetime of healthy activity and flexibility.