Registration Policies

GDC Registration Form: All students are asked to complete or update a GDC Registration Form with current information every year. Registration, for classes, is not complete until a Registration Fee has been received by the GDC Office. Upon receipt of a completed Registration Form and the Registration Fee, a student’s place in class will be reserved.

$30.00 nonrefundable Registration Fee A $30.00 nonrefundable Registration Fee, per family, is required for all new students or returning students who do not re-register during the Early Registration Period.

The Early Registration Period By re-registering before June 5th  you  can avoid paying Registration Fees. Registration Forms received after June 5th  will be charged the “New Student Registration Fee.”

Tuition Policies

Tuition:  Tuition is an annual amount charged for the Class Reservations throughout the year. Tuition is based on Class Reservation and not attendance. For your convenience, the annual tuition can be paid in one, two or ten payments. A 3% discount is offered to those paying in one annual payment and a 1.5% discount is offered to those electing to pay in two installments. The annual tuition option does not include the Recital Fees.

Billing:  Tuition payments are due on the first of the month. If tuition is not paid by the 15th of the month, a Late Fee will be charged. To assure your child’s place in the Recital, please pay your account, in full, prior to the recital date. Tuition bills are sent only when a payment is late and a Late Fee has been charged. Please mark your calendars for payments. YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE BILLED UNTIL NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL IS RECEIVED

Missed Classes: Classes that are missed due to inclement weather or excused sick days may be made up with additional classes of the same type. You may call the office, at #770-426-0007,  for a schedule of the classes. 

Withdrawal:  If a student wishes to withdraw, advanced notice must be provided to the GDC Office by emailing  [email protected].

Tuition is based on Class Reservation and not attendance. Parents are responsible for the yearly tuition amount and will be billed until notice, of withdrawal, is received. NO REFUNDS are granted for classes not attended or for the month during which a student withdraws.

Maximum Family Rate:  The Maximum Family Rate is the most a family is charged for tuition for all children, of the same household, who are 18 years of age and under. Please ask the office for details.

Returned Checks: All returned checks will be assessed a $25.00 Service Fee.

Late Fee Policies

A Late Fee will be charged after the 15th.  

Late Fee Schedule

Account Balance Due  ……  Late Fee applied

     $0.00 – $250.00 …… $10.00

$251.00 – $500.00 …… $25.00

         Over $500.00 …… $50.00  

Students, with accounts over 60 days past due, will be suspended from class participation until the account is current.

GDC Recital Policies

Spring Recital:  Most Studio Classes perform in the “end-of-the-year” recital and students are strongly encouraged to participate. Recital rehearsals and performances are scheduled for late May or early June, of each year, and the exact dates are included in the school calendar.

Recital Fees:  A Recital Fee is charged for each child participating in the Recital. Recital Fees include one Performance Fees per dancer and a Costume Fee for each costume.

Billing:  Costume Fees are posted, to your account, in September and Performance Fees are posted in January.

Refund of Recital Fees:  Recital fees will be refunded only if the student is moving out of the state or has an extended illness. To obtain a refund for Costume Fees, requests must be made, to the GDC Office, before November 1st . To obtain a refund for Performance Fees, requests must be made, to the GDC Office, before March 1st.