Classes designed with your availability in mind! GDC’s Summer Drop-In Classes are geared for serious-minded dancers ages 9-18 who are looking to challenge themselves, grow to the next level of dance, and try something new. We offer Conditioning for Dancers, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, and Contemporary taught by exceptionally trained and experienced instructors. These are open, drop-in classes that you may take based on your availability. You may pay by the class, pay for the week, or purchase the unlimited summer drop-in class card.

Dates: June 8- July 24th (except the week of June 29-July 3)


  • Intermediate I: ages 9-12, min. 3 years ballet (GMDT 2019/2020 levels ATI-ATII)
  • Intermediate II: ages 12-14, min. 4 years ballet & 1 year of pointe (GMDT 2019/2020 levels ATIII-ATIV)
  • Advanced: ages 14-18, min. 5 years ballet & 3 years of pointe (GMDT 2019/2020 levels THI-THII)


  • Intermediate I: Mon-Thur
    • Conditioning For Dancers: 5-5:30pm
    • Ballet (Mon & Wed): 5:30-7pm
    • Jazz (Tue & Thur): 5:30-7pm
  • Intermediate II: Mon-Thur
    • Contemporary: 5-6:30pm
    • Conditioning for Dancers: 6:30-7pm
    • Ballet/Pointe: 7-8:30pm
  • Advanced: Mon-Thur
    • Conditioning for Dancers: 4:30-5pm
    • Ballet/Pointe: 5-7pm
    • Contemporary: 7-8:30pm

Dress Code: Appropriate dance attire.


  • Pay by the class: 
    • $8/Conditioning
    • $18/hour & a half class (Int. I-II Ballet, Int I Jazz, Int. II-Adv. Contemporary)
    • $20/2 hour class (Adv. Ballet/Pointe)
  • Pay by the week (all classes Mon-Thur, non-transferable between weeks or levels):
    • $80 Int. I (8 hours of classes @ $10/hour)
    • $140 Int. II (14 hours of classes @ $10/hour)
    • $160 Adv. (16 hours of classes @ $10/hour)
  • Unlimited Classes (all drop-in classes all summer, non-transferable between levels): 
    • $300 Int. I
    • $500 Int. II
    • $600 Adv.