Beyond-Barre, GDC, Marietta, GA

Cardio Barre

One of the hottest trends in ballet has little to do with tutus and everything to do with toning!

Cardio Barre®, created by dancer-choreographer Richard Giorla, is a high-energy, no-impact form of exercise that uses a combination of light weights and work at the barre.

Unlike traditional ballet, which uses slow, controlled movements performed by individuals with years of training, Cardio Barre is a fast-paced, sweat-inducing workout that provides exceptional results in a fun atmosphere – even for those who have no dance experience.

The fluid motion and resistance exercises focus on toning the butt, legs, torso and arms, a combination which burns fat as it strengthens and lengthens muscles.

An added benefit is that, like traditional ballet, Cardio Barre helps improve balance as the dancer performs movements that require concentration and a “sense of center,” combining exercises that work the entire body as well as those that focus on isolated muscle groups. The result is a lean, toned body overall.

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