By Lane Gormley


“Morning Class” by Lynn Commander

Still Dancing After All These Years I grew up taking ballet. I have danced, off and on, since I was six. Now, sixty-three years later, I am still doing that extraordinary thing called “taking class”. I cannot tell you how much ballet has meant to me. It saved my life when doctoral exams were looming, when close friends were desperately ill, and during other impossible times. It saves my life today when my current profession is too “exciting”. I can still hear Miss Ruth saying, as she shut the door to the classroom, “Now, we are in our world, and we must concentrate on what we are doing and forget that world out there.” Honestly, that was, and is, SUCH a relief.

“Other” Exercise I have done many other kinds of exercise in my life – mostly because I had to. After visiting the ballet school in the small town in New York’s Southern Tier where I lived for several years, I immediately enrolled in Karate. I also played tennis and rode horseback. Even now, I take Yoga to balance out my body from the hard work of ballet. I also walk at least once a week and climb many stairs in the building where I live to strengthen my legs. Nevertheless… to me, there is no exercise that can compete with dancing. Nothing is more fun. It is simply fabulous.

Adult Ballet at Georgia Dance Conservatory Adult Ballet is an ongoing activity at GDC. We have class from 10 until 11:30 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There is also a new, evening class taught by Kathryn McBeth, on Wednesday at 7:00 PM. We work hard, and we laugh a lot.   We welcome new people to our class. We are patient with our bodies, understanding that we are no longer sixteen. We do whatever we can – at whatever age and level of ability we find ourselves.

  Did You Dance? Do You Still Want To? Did you stop dancing during or after high school or college? Come back and do it again with us. It will be fun. It will help you relax, breathe deeply, stretch, rejoice in moving to music, and sleep better. It will lift your spirits. Come back to dance.


Lane Gormley is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Coach at East Paces Counseling in Buckhead and Ray of Hope Counseling Services in Kennesaw, GA.  She has taken class, taught and participated in the GDC community for years.

Link for Viewing, With Zoom, And Printing the Adult Classes Brochure … 

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